Seven Oceans

Winter in Stockholm

The winter has been extraordinary this year 2009/2010. Cold, snow and ice for days, weeks and months. Some are disturbed – others enjoy. Some say it is part of the climate change, other talk with inspiration about the great winters of their youth.

Here are some winter impressions taken the 22nd of February 2010 in my hometown Stockholm.

It is Monday morning at 7 o’clock the 22th of February. The sun is about to raise. Most people are probably at bed or at the breakfast table. It is one of the coldest mornings, minus 20 degrees Celsius. Beautiful but freezing cold.

The statue at Mosebacke about five hours later. It is a beautiful day.

Here is one of Stockholm’s most popular outdoor bar/restaurant – often full of people during spring, summer and fall.

But right now all deserted except for crystal clear snow and an ice cold beer.

The snow is nothing but amazing.

This graveyard is situated at the Katarina church in Södermalm of Stockholm.

These old houses are situated between Mosebacke Square and the Katarina Church.

The snow has taken all kind of shapes.

The property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from the buildings so no one will be hurt. A difficult duty.

This is in the popular Götgatsbacken.

The ferry from the island Djurgården is just about to make a stop at Gamla stan/Slussen. In the background the island Skeppsholmen. The sunlight is intense with all the reflecting snow.

From this view of the mixture of building styles and white snow and light I looked down in to the shadow beneath with snow blueish and cold. Great contrast. See next picture.

It is hard to believe that both the pictures are taken from more or less an identical place and at the same time – but so it is..

This is later though – it is walking home from work through Gamla stan, the Old Town.

The church is the Big Church, Storkyrkan,in the Old Town.

This is part of the Royal Castle. Impressive but deserted even though there is a poor guard standing on top of the hill on the right side.

Here is the view from the bridge to the Parliament towards two other bridges and the famous publishing company Norstedts.

This poor raven was put here one night right on the corner of the Office of the Prime Minister – Rosenbad. I don’t know the background but it seems to be a kind of happening. It has been discussed a lot and for the opposition it shows the Governments hidden agenda. One thing is for sure though – the statue makes a lot of people stop and discuss. Thanks for your attention. The 22nd of February is about to end.


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  1. Underbara bilder!

    Comment by J B — 4 December, 2011 @ 3:35 am

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