Seven Oceans

Easter in Stockholm

Easter in Stockholm, spring is about to break out. The sun is raising earlier and earlier, many people are away from town,  maybe skiing in the mountains north bound or simply lazy at home. I woke up early Easter Friday the 2nd of April 2010 and saw this scenery from my bike in a couple of hours.

It was cold in the morning. The layer of white frost was melting by the raising sun.

The table at the terrace was still covered with a thin frost layer from the night.

Kungsträdgården – the Royal Garden Park – in the City center is deserted. But will look differently later in the day for sure.

Biblioteksgatan, a fashionable shopping street in the center. No business.

Strandvägen, the most fashionable address is showing some life but not much.

Strong chains hugging each other but no people.

Tram tracks leading nowhere.

The popular walking and bicycling paths in the great park area, Djurgården, are also all empty.

But the Klara weather rooster is up with the sun.

There at last, two faces.

Sergel, a famous swedish sculptor living in the 18th century, making a human statue close to Sergels Torg. This statue is made by Göran Strååt, a modern sculptor and is situated where Johan Tobias Sergel had his studio one upon a time.

Hötorget, the market place in the heart of Stockholm. On Easter Friday it was flee market day. It is cold, rather dark in the shadow of the marketplace at this hour, people are putting up all the things they hope to sell during the day when the sun has brought out all the folks.

Jakobs Church in Kungsträdgården, The Royal Garden Park.

Early birds, tourists in Stockholm, are waiting for the Stockholm Info Center to open. Stockholm is an expanding tourist destination which makes me happy.

An outdoor photo exhibition at The Raul Wallenberg Square.

Easter dresses, someone?

Here are some other early birds, sitting on thin ice before it has melt in an hour or so. The hotel Radisson Strand in the background and reflected by the water.

Thin, thin…

The stairs of the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

This is a rather fantastic view. From Strandvägen towards south. First you see the old sailing vessels close to the Wasa Museum but in the background you see a skiing slope right in the center of Stockholm. How is that possible? Well, it is true. It is Hammarby Ski Sloop.  Not open year around though but still with a lot of snow…

One of the first human beings I met cycling towards Djurgården was this woman. I had just taking the photo with the old sailing vessels and the ski sloop when I turned my head 90 degrees and saw her. But what is she doing?

Wow, some balance.

And what is this? I had to bike over and ask. “Is it your own training style or something I should know about? ”

She told me she is practicing Ashtanga Yoga and had right at that moment really understood the technique where you breed in air so you get lighter and lighter. “Then it is easy to do that balancing”, she said happely and I was a little more enlighted… 🙂

A couple of runners on the bridge to Djurgården.

Another runner.

Still some ice on the water.

Out fishing in the morning. Both the man and the geese?

Out cleaning all the tables hoping to fill up a couple of hours later.

Astrid Lindgren is sitting here as a statue beside Junibacken. Astrid is Sweden’s most famous author of child and youth litterature. Pippi Långstrump, Emil, Jonathan and so on and on and on. Many of her figures are exhibited at Junibacken, “a House of Fantasy Play” as it is annonced on the website.

The big ferry boat from Finland is arriving to Stockholm passing by Nacka Strand on its way to the inner harbour in the middle of the city. The statue, God, our Father, on the Rainbow, was not made by Sergel but by Carl Milles, another famous Swedish sculptor.

Here a smaller yacht and The Old City, Gamla stan, in the background.

Slowly, slowly the first flowers are rising to reach the spring sun.

A single sculler is out practicing, the conditions are perfect. The single sculler weights only about 15 kilos.

On the website of the Swedish Rowing Association you can read more about the sport but the site is mostly in Swedish. More in English about rowing and all definitions of different boats read here.

A moment later a coxless four also called “sweep”, if I have understood it right, came passing by. No one is steering at the end of the boat, no cox and only one oar per person.

Beautiful boats but not easy to steer in the narrow canal of Djurgården.

Many people enjoy running by the canal – here competing with a kayak.

Horseback riding is also popular.

This is the dock where the kayak, the single sculler and the coxless four started from. They had only one direction to chose from, the other towards the City is still frozen. Some of their shoes are left on the dock until they return. Cold water?

Away from the cold ice to warm fresh gigant cinnamon buns at the Café Saturnus.

On this image above you can see the locations of the following 10 pictures with people enjoying the spring sun.  Except for the no 1 location which is covering all the previous pictures taken by Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen, the canal, with all the scullers and kayaks. The no 2 location covers the 2 first photos down below, The Old City / Skeppsbron. There will be a number beside the text of each of the photos to tell the location.

Out again in to the sun which by now has become warm and attracted people to get out and enjoy. (No 2 location)

At Gamla Stan / Skeppsbron. (No 2)

By Kastellholmen facing Gamla stan. (no 3)

By Katarinaberget, Södermalm. (No 4)

A tourist family taking a break at Mosebacke Torg. (No 5)

Relaxing by Skånegatan /Katarina Bangata. (No 6)

Outside café practiced on the street Södermannagatan. (No 7)

Enjoying the sun at Nytorget. (No 8 )

Crowds passing by the Swedish Parliament with Gamla Stan in the background. (No 9)

The floating café and bar “Flyt” at Gamla stan, The Old City. (No 10)

Back at the Royal Dramatic Theater. Now with people and a dog. (the following photos are not located on the map)

Kungsträdgården is now filled with crowds of people.

The long Easter Friday ended with a dinner at my parents house. Here the view from the balcony after sunset with one of the big ferries to Finland quietly moving out.

The Easter Friday in Stockholm 2010 is close to over.


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